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At Techifeye, we've done the background research to bring you the technology that produces results.

Detailed Review

Techifeye partners offer the best solutions for every problem at the Optical practice. Whether its insurance benefits, EMRs, reminder systems, devices, products or web design - you can trust that these companies will deliver. 

Revenue Generating Technology

We have qualified technologies & solutions that offer cutting edge tech,  superior customer service & produce a ROI that is beyond the cost of the product. We break down the onboarding process, time needed for adaptation, & how quickly you'll recover your investment you've made.


We've looked at the industry & seen what brings in success to practices. With all the choices in the optical industry, we've analyzed what helps you succeed, streamline & move into the future with confidence.



Meet & greet with other forward thinking practice owners to learn & share ideas.

Technology Overview

Learn more about technology trends in the Optical Industry. Learn what it takes to purchase each technology, and how quickly you'll start bringing in revenue. 


A 5 minute demonstration from each company will help you quickly get your feet wet on what each product/service can offer your practice. 


Leaders in Technology

Jennifer Tabiza, OD

Private Practice Owner, Co-founder of Dr. Contact Lens & Techifeye

Nathan McClain, OD

Private Practice Owner, CEO & Founder of PracticePal

Brianna Rhue, OD, FAAO

Private Practice Owner, Co-founder of Dr. Contact Lens & Techifeye

Ryan Huntgate, DDS, MS

Practicing Orthodontist, CEO & Founder of Simplifeye

Dani Astilla

Director of Business Development, Roya.com

Wade Weisz

Founder at 4Eyes Bookkeeping

Natasha Vora

CEO & Owner Optical X & Twelve84

Jeff Sonsino, OD, FAAO

Practice Owner, Co- founder at Eyeris

Kayla Ashlee

Founder at BeSpexy

Barbara Ford

Sales Manager at Neurolens®

Dave Barton

Co-Founder at Optify Online

Bill Gerber

Founder  at Omg! / Contentlinq

Gabe Anderson

Account Executive at Weave 

Steve Alexander

Head of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Anagram

Robert Nunziato

Head of Sales - Sunbit