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Techifeye is an OD alliance bringing you the latest in revenue generating technologies for the Optical practice. Our preferred partners offer the best technology in their domain,  reliable customer service, high profit margins & returns. Techifeye is here to simplify your business decisions and help you grow & succeed. Join us!

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How to choose an EMR

We have taken the pain & guesswork out of EMRs by doing a comprehensive review of what is available. Take a look to help yourself choose what EMR is best for your practice. 

Why do websites matter so much?

Web presence is first touch point your patient encounters. It sets expectations and can increase your capture rate and revenue. Website management doesn't have to be hard. We help spell it out for you by showing you what you need to succeed. 

Marketing 101: What brings ODs the highest ROI

We break down the basics of marketing in your practice to bring you the most value. From chatbots, messaging applications, in office messaging, to contact lens re-order reminders, we show you why you need it - and how it can generate 2-5x the revenue you are now producing. 

Product & Device Review

We have found the products & devices that yield the most revenue for the optical practice. Learn what it takes to onboard, train & start selling products you bring into the Optical Practice. Wondering when you will pay off what you invest in? We break that down for you so you can plan & execute without breaking a sweat. 

  • EMRs
  • SAAS Technology
  • Marketing
  • Product & Devices


Jennifer Tabiza, OD

co-founder - dr. contact lens, techifeye, practice 

We are your partners for emerging technology-driven software solutions. Be it insurance verification, EMRs, reminder technology, web design, marketing, devices or products sold - our passion is bringing to you a no brainer solution for any problem at the Optical practice. 

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Brianna Rhue, OD, FAAO

co-founder - dr. contact lens, techifeye, practice owner

It is great to see industry leaders come together under one umbrella to help promote technology that is helping bring practices and their patients closer together all while saving valuable staff time. We are excited to be a founding member and help the disruptees, the ODs, become the disruptors.


Ryan Huntgate, DDS, MS


We’re dedicated to improving practice workflows through technology and streamlined processes, and Techifeye helps us advance that mission.  Simplifeye is a technology platform that optimizes operations for patient acquisition, scheduling, payment processing, and reactivation.

Dani Astilla 

DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - ROYA.COM, the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing platform for eye care professionals, is proud to be a founding member of Techifeye.  The innovative approach in bringing tech-enabled efficiencies to the vision practices across the nation makes Roya the perfect partner in delivering best in class data-enabled marketing solutions.

Nathan McClain, OD


We are excited about the opportunity to work with Techifeye and their amazing host of solutions. Our vision for PracticePal is to fill in some much needed gaps in the industry and our combined products enable offices to save time and money while focusing on what matters most…the patient.

Natasha Vora


It can be frustrating for practices to know exactly what will help them thrive in an industry that has so many moving parts and challenges. With this best-in-class group of technology-focused companies, it’s a path of least resistance for key decision makers to narrowdown quickly what areas need focus and immediately save thousands of dollars with a better ROI.

Dennis Evans


Dry eye rescue was designed to streamline the dry eye practice & market to your patients what you sell & offer. 

Barbara Ford


The neurolens Measurement Device, Gen 2 is an objective, accurate and repeatable way to measure eye misalignment as small as 0.1 Prism Diopter. The diagnostic information from the nMD2 is used to prescribe neurolenses with patented Contoured Prism technology, which bring the eyes into alignment, relieving symptoms like headaches and eye strain for 93% of wearers.

Matt DiBlasi


Abyde is a HIPAA compliance solution and foremost industry expert for small and midsized medical practices. Our goal is to provide unrivaled educational resources and simplified solutions to guide practices through understanding and implementing effective HIPAA compliance strategies.

Jeffrey Sonsino, OD, FAAO


This is a company founded by eye doctors for eye doctors and the patients they serve. There are no big corporations involved, only people connecting with local, top-performing businesses.

Robert Nunziato

Head of Sales Operations - Sunbit

At Sunbit, we pride ourselves on leveraging AI and machine learning to improve patient lives while enhancing optical practices’ productivity. We are excited to join forces with other technology-forward companies to celebrate the profound impact technology has on improving capture rate, increasing average transaction size, and elevating patient satisfaction levels.

Steve Alexander


Eye care is an industry full of organizations driven by innovative people and technologies. TechifEYE represents a tremendous opportunity for each of us to learn from and leverage our expertise to improve the lives of eye care professionals and the patients they care for.

Adam Young


We are very excited to be a part of Techifeye. At the heart of Weave’s mission is empowering small businesses to be successful and make life easy. We are proud to be part of a community that shares that same vision in helping to bring useful technology and expertise  to the industries we serve.

Bill Gerber


It’s remarkable that there are so many excellent tech companies in the eye care space. By combining our resources and problem-solving abilities, we can help ECP is drive capture and multiple pair sales rates unlike any other time in history

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A 5 minute demonstration from each company will help you quickly get your feet wet on what each product/service can offer your practice. 

Technology Overview

Learn more about technology trends in the Optical Industry. Learn what it takes to purchase each technology, and how quickly you'll start bringing in revenue. 


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